Sputnik V coronavirus vaccine

This is the first vaccine in the world to be released into free circulation and, which is especially important, has already passed the third phase of trials.

Country of origin - Russia.
Another name for the vaccine is Gam-Covid-Vac.

Vaccine action

The effect of the vaccine has been well studied by specialists, including through clinical trials. The development was registered back in August 2020. Doctors have proven the effectiveness of 91.4%. According to the manufacturer, the vaccine prevents the development of a severe form of the disease in 100% of cases. Sputnik V is already registered in 30 countries. 

вакцина спутник V

Many countries are supplied for vaccination of humans.

This vaccine is a vector vaccine. It is based on two adenoviruses that are harmless to humans at once, into which a small section of the Sars-Cov-2 virus genome has been inserted. In other words, these are weakened viruses that do not pose a danger to humans. They allow the immune system to develop antibodies.

Sputnik V COVID vaccine application

Sputnik V is recommended for adults from 18 to 60 years old, as well as for the elderly. Studies have shown that the likelihood of complications in the elderly group is not higher than in other groups.

Side effects of the Sputnik V coronavirus vaccine

Side effects include pain at the injection site, in more rare cases - an increase in temperature up to 38 degrees, weakness, muscle pain. However, negative reactions are an exception, and they are rare. Many people tolerate it painlessly and without symptoms.

Release form

The vaccine is available in ampoules or vials. Cardboard packaging with Gam-Covid-Vak (Sputnik V) brand markings. The package contains 5 ampoules of 0.5 ml.

Designed for intramuscular injection. In export variants, the name vaccine SPUTNIK V.

The recommended price is $ 10 per package. 

You can buy the vaccine at the nearest pharmacy in your city. To do this, fill out the application, as soon as the vaccine appears, we will notify you.

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Attention! When you call, specify to the operator that you have left a request on the website https://kinosakionsen-kaidansai.net and you will receive a 10% discount.

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