CooviVac coronavirus vaccine

Not a bad vaccine that has shown good efficacy. You can buy it at city pharmacies upon request.

The latest Russian development. Registration date - 20.02.2021

Country of origin - Russia. Developed at the Chumakov Scientific Center. 

вакцина от коронавируса ковивак

Vaccine action

The action of the KoviVac vaccine is based on an inactivated method. This vaccine is inactivated whole virion, that is, it is based on the "killed" SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus. Most long-standing and well-studied vaccinations work according to this principle.

According to the developer, the KoviVac vaccine should provide the greatest protection and a full-fledged immune response, because the body will get to know the whole virus, and not just its fragment. The covid vaccine gives the human immune system a full complement of coronavirus antigens. Thanks to this, a full set of antibodies is produced in the human body.

Preliminary, the immunological activity of the vaccine is estimated at 85% (that is, 15% of the subjects did not develop the necessary antibodies by the 28th day after the administration of the drug, however, the immune response may occur later).

The "KoviVac" injection is recommended for people from 18 to 60 years old. Studies in children and the elderly are expected soon.

Application of the COVID vaccine KoviVac

The vaccine is injected into the body as a solution. Recommended for use by healthy people.

Side effects vary depending on age. There may be a slight increase in temperature, pain at the injection site. Some of the subjects experienced fever. No allergic reaction has been identified.

Release form

The vaccine is available in vials. Cardboard packaging with the KoviVac brand marking - coronavirus vaccine. The package contains 10 bottles of 0.5 ml, which corresponds to one dose. Does not contain antibiotics or preservatives. The package contains instructions for use.

Designed for intramuscular injection. In export versions, the name vaccine is Covivac.

The recommended price is $ 6 per package. 

You can buy the vaccine at the nearest pharmacy in your city. To do this, fill out the application, as soon as the vaccine appears, we will notify you.

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Attention! When you call, specify to the operator that you have left a request on the website and you will receive a 10% discount.

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