buy a vaccine AstraZeneca $ 4 in Carmel

Buy AstraZeneca covid-19 private full dose in Carmel.

state_id: IN

state_name: Indiana

county_fips: 18057

county_name: Hamilton

lat: 39,965

lng: -86,146

population: 101068

vaccines sold: 68270

AstraZeneca covid vaccine in Carmel

Made in: Sweden

Price: $ 4

Ships From: Los Angeles, Ships To: Carmel.

You can buy the vaccine at the nearest pharmacy in your city. To do this, fill out the application, as soon as the vaccine appears, we will notify you.

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Attention! When you call, specify to the operator that you have left a request on the website and you will receive a 10% discount.

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  1. Adam

    this is the best, very cool

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